Naval Terminal for the German Navy

TMN has designed according to requirements of German Armada interior rack:


Product Specification:

Manufacturer Code: 900008174.17

Taking into account the specific needs and specifications of this ship of the German Navy, Standard Mechanics, S.L., hereinafter TMN, has designed and manufactured a rack meeting these needs and specifications, in order to meet the required requirements.

The integration of electronic equipment in 19 "racks, for its implementation in specific systems of the Defense sector, requires racks appropriate for this purpose. In the specific case of the TNX-150 SAC Terminal, it is also required to be screened, non-standard dimensions and manufactured with Non-Magnetic materials.

TMN, based on its professional experience in the design and manufacture of racks, decides to have a standard 19 "rack for applications designed for a tailor made solution for the integration of 19" electronic systems into the German frigate.

To this end, we have started a commercial line, with a proven solvency and proven efficiency in different sectors and applications, with more than 18 years of validity in the market, both civil and military. Our model 61.